~ Licensing Artwork ~

Copywritten artwork has its advantages. Not only will your products be unique and exclusive only to your business, but when you're getting products manufactured in foreign countries you can protect yourself from that manufacturer continuing to produce your stock and sell it to either your competitors or to other distributors in other countries.

Copyright law does not protect an idea but it does protect artwork and therefore what ever that artwork is on!



Adorning your products with copywritten artwork will give you the ability to shut down anyone else selling that stock, not because of the actual product, but because of the images that are on it. You wont be competing with others for sales with exactly the same old stuff and the next person has. Instead, your stock will be unique and exclusive to your business.

Copyright laws are enforced in Australia, the US, Europe and the UK and increasingly more countries every day. Finding a retailer selling your stock illegally has become a profitable business in the restitution due to the breach and the fact that the illegal sellers have spent time and money to market, promote and establish these retail outlets. These clients instantly become yours. They return the illegal stock for a full refund and begin to purchase it legally from you.

We are open to leasing the use of our existing artwork or creating images to your specifications for these exact purposes. The artwork will be formatted to the manufacturers needs and applications. An art licensing agreement will be drawn up defining the images, use, time frame, cost and all other legal requirements for copyright release and legal permission for its use giving you complete protection.

Samples from a range of car seat covers

We will vigorously protect our copyright and will co-operate fully with any authority or legal procedure that defends this. All artwork on this website is the personal artwork of Peter Jantke. Jantke Art Studio Pty Ltd is the only company permitted to lease, sell, trade or approve permission to use in any way for any purpose, any or all images in this range or on this website.

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Samples from a range of car seat covers
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